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Vizion 21 will work with clients to produce tailored health & safety management systems which is compliant with BS OHSAS 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management standard and covers all the main areas of European health, safety and welfare legislation in a easy to understand and practical format.

The manual covers the main areas of health & safety starting with risk assessments then safe systems of work, Manual Handling, COSHH, DSE assessments, working at height, vehicle safety, etc

The systems include a comprehensive but easy to use procedures manual backed up with on-site training in its use, access to help line support and regular coaching to ensure continued effective usage. The system has already been introduced with great success to a wide range of client businesses such as:

  • Two NHS Primary Care Trusts and an Acute Hospital Trust - including healthcare specific sections on risk management, infection control, violence to staff, medicines management, medical devices management, health & safety, etc
  • Local Authorities - sections on lone working, control of infection, ranger work, asbestos, etc.
  • Major sporting venues and events such as- Wembley Stadium, Arsenal Stadium, Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Fevertree Tennis Championships, Lords Cricket Ground amoungst many others, covering crowd safety, safety at sports grounds, fire & evacuation safety, emergency planning.
  • Over 100 schools - sections covering craft design & technology (CDT), sports safety, ground-keeping, arts and crafts, science departments, riding schools, Outward Bound and foreign trips,  
  • A UK Hotel chain - with sections on employment of sub-contractors, public safety, safety at swimming and leisure facilities, catering safety, housekeeping. Industrial businesses - including sections on workshop safety, warehouse safety, fork lift trucks, mechanical safety, construction safety, etc.
  • A large international catering company - sections on safe use of dangerous equipment, cleaning safety, use of gas and electricity. Large office buildings - visual display equipment assessment, ergonomics in the office, sick building syndrome, etc.  
  • A large facilities management company - mechanical safety, gardening safety, vehicle safety, sports safety, etc.


Regular use of the system ensures that client businesses:

  • Comply with numerous legal duties under health & safety legislation.
  • Demonstrate to enforcement officers an ongoing commitment to health & safety.
  • Are guided efficiently through the maze of health and safety legislation and requirements.
  • Have a means of measuring their safety performance. Reduce the number of time loss accidents which saves money and improves staff moral.
  • Reduce costs associated with accidental equipment damage. Involve all staff in the development of a ‘safety culture’ with excellent team building side effects.
  • Save money on researching and developing their own in house system.
  • Maintain and even reduce insurance premiums based on good safety performance.
  • Introduce a standard system which ensures consistency and gives a highly effective means of comparing individual safety performances in multiple business locations
  • Are assisted with in house training programs. Each section of the system has worked examples and clear guidance notes. .

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