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As part of Vizion 21 Ltd combined service offer many clients take advantage of the auditing services to help them benchmark their progress with the implementation of safety, hygiene or quality procedures. Vizion 21 can audit a variety of areas including health & safety food safety, risk management, quality, medical devices, clinical standards, training, etc.

These audits can be a stand alone service or linked into the creation of management systems as described in the other parts of this document.

The audits are designed to help clients identify areas where they may be in breach of legislation or where current practices could result in a serious incident. In most cases the audits provide clients with reassurance that the majority of their activities are safe and hygienic, but can also serve to identify areas of concern prior to investigation or inspection by Enforcement Officers.

The auditing services have been taken up by a wide range of client businesses either as part of bigger packages or as a stand alone service. These businesses have all gained benefit from the audit outcomes and in many cases have saved considerable amounts of money by preventing accidents or food safety incidents.

  • A number of large leisure companies
  • A medium sized hotel chain
  • Contract catering company units
  • NHS Hospitals & Primary Care Organisations
  • Several private schools
  • Several major sporting clubs and venues

Key Benefits

  • Regular use of the system ensures that client businesses: Identify areas where clients may not be complying with the numerous legal duties under health & safety legislation.
  • Help clients to comply with the legal duty to review and update procedures regularly. Identify areas where failings may compromise any ‘due diligence’ defence.
  • Provide valuable information which gives clients a means of measuring their hygiene or safety performance.
  • Demonstrate to staff that senior management are committed to the development of a ‘food/safety culture’.
  • Identify potential problems early, saving clients considerable expenditure in prosecutions, injury claims and bad publicity.
  • Are guided efficiently through the maze of health and safety legislation and requirements.

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